Fishing ground and trawls of a different level processing in production

¹ lot2-1
DestinationFishing ground and trawls of a different level processing in production
Main engine MaK type 6 M32S 2 x 3000 kW
DimensionsL -96.4 B- 16.00 D- 10.2 Dr- 6.4
Price20 MIO USD
CommentM/V PULKOVSKIY MERIDIAN type Year and place of built 1994, Nikolaev, Ukraine Main dimension: Length, m Breadth, m Depth, m Draught, m 96,4 16,00 10,2 6,4 Deadweight, t 1810 Tonnage, reg. tn. GRT /NRT 4407/1322 Output of quick-freezers, t/day Ref. holds volume, cub.m. Temperature in ref. holds, degree C 110 2140 minus 28 degree C Main engine Type Number Power, kWt. internal combustion engine MaK 6M32C 2 (two) 2 x 3000 Classification Certificate RMRS valid before 2015 / last DD January 2009 List of installed equipment and machinery 2 main engines MaK type 6 M32S 2 x 3000 kW(Total 6000kW) new Marine auxiliary diesel – generator type CAT 3412DITA 2 pieces; new Marine emergency diesel - generator type CAT C9 DITA JWAC 1 piece new tube type heat exchanger 3N-8893 for marine auxiliary diesel –generator type CAT 3412DITA – 2 pcs new re-equipment of gear Valmet ASL 2x155S. Manufacturer «MET Motoren und Energietechnik GmbH» (Rostock, Germany). Installed new elastic couplings for gear Valmet ASL 2x155S - 4pcs. Manufacturer «Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH & Co. KG » ( Hamburg, Germany) modernized new single-stage vacuum water distillers of «Alfa Laval» type JWP-26-C-100 (82/82) - 2pcs. (capacity 25 cbm/each), and heating units of «Alfa Laval» type HWL 20-35 - 2pcs. new self-cleaning separation system PA 605 for cleaning diesel oil - 2 systems and self-cleaning separation system PA 615 for cleaning heavy fuel oil IFO-180 - 1 system. new bilge water separation system, including bilge water separator model RWO SKIT S DEB 2,5 and warning device set OMD-2005 new auxiliary boiler installation S-MAN model NGA/ 4000 - 1 plant new water heaters for the main engines. Manufacturer «Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & KG» new module of system of fuel supply and fuel booster unit 1 pc. Typeoffuel IFO 180-365 new device «Autotrawl» of «MARELEK» (Belgium) new Technological equipment Made new fish bunkers with a volume of about 150 cubic meters with installation of insulation and stainless steel sheets coating. Established new system of vacuum fish transfer IRAS-PV 900, Denmark. Established new autonomous system of cooling sea water for fish storage in bunkers RSW "Grasso", Germany. Manufactured and installed new line of automatic sorting, which consists of two sorting machines H2-IHR with the possibility of sorting into 4 fractions and the distribution of flows up to 6 options of directions. Installed new universal automatic fish-cleaning machine of VMK, Sweden composed of VMK 52 +31 +20 +751 with the vacuum removal of viscera. Established new fish-cleaning machine IRA-108, made entirely of stainless steel. Quick-freeze apparatus LBH-31, 5 - (2 sets) - made major repairs with complete replacement of the leading edge; all units of the apparatus were made of stainless steel Eko-prod, Poland. New scales for fish (4 sets) were manufactured entirely of stainless steel, Eko-prod, Poland. Made filling system of intermediate storage hoppers - 2 pcs. and VMK bunkers and freezers of RSW, "Grasso", Germany. The whole complex of technological equipment (augers, conveyors, bunkers, water separators, tables, trays and other equipment) is made of stainless steel and is mounted under the Project ( «Rosoma», Germany). Installed new vertical plate apparatus of DSI, Denmark (4 sets), capacity 38 t/day. Replaced old refrigerator compressors by new model S3-2500 2-sets of "Grasso", Germany. Replaced and re-installed new heat exchangers, pumps, equipment and piping for refrigeration part. Installed additional packaging line with a semi-automatic binder ( «Rosoma», Germany). Fish meal installation A1-ÈÆÐ - made major repairs with the replacement of some units with new ones. Manufactured and installed a new line for production of fish oil from the waste. Manufactured and installed a new line for processing of large ordinary fish. Installed new ventilation in fish shop Installed synthetic running lattice on the entire deck in fish shop. Ceilings of fish shop fully ceiled by corrosion resistant sheets. Piping of process water were made of plastic. Made replacement of entire lighting in fish shop . Main switchboard convert for high- powered generators Fishfindinqandnavigationequipment Communicationsequipment MF/HF DSC radio installation SAILOR HT-4500 year 2000 MF/HF DSC radio installation SAILOR HT-4500 year 2000 MF/ HF DSC radio installation FURUNO FS-5070 new VHF radio installation RT-4822. - 2 sets new Two-way radiotelephone equipment SAILOR SP-3110 - 3 sets new Radartransponder IESM - 2 sets new Satellite radio buoy EPIRB COSPAS-SARSAT KANNAD-406 WH new Inmarsat ship station Inmarsat-C H-2095C new Inmarsatshipstation Fleet-77 new Receiver NAVTEX FURUNO NX-500 new AIS system FURUNO FA-150 new Commandbroadcastingequipment «Ryabina» frombuilt NavigationEquipment Gyrocompass KURS-4M frombuilt Radarstation FURUNO FR-2125 new Radarstation FURUNO FR-2127 new NavigationstationNaviMaster new Navigationstation MAX SEA new Satellite navigation receiver GPS FURUNO GP-32 new Satellite navigation receiver GPS KODEN KGP-98 new Navigation echo sounder NEL-M3B frombuilt Videosurveillancesystem «Discovery» Fishfindingequipment Echosounder SIMRAD ES-60 new Echo sounder CAPI~AH -3M frombuilt Echosounder FURUNO FSV-382 new Sonar FURUNO CSH-22-5 new Sonar FURUNO FCV-30S new Trawlingcomplex WESMAR new Trawlingprobes WESMAR TCS-770 new Trawling probes W~3K-Cynep frombuilt Trawlfillingsensors WESMAR INSPECTION / DELIVERY - WC AFRICA PRICE IDEA - USD 20 MIO+


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